The kitchen towel category is highly competitive with many brands battling for shelf space and market share.

The Buffalo brand was struggling to get noticed with its lack of identity resulting in sales flatlining and the packaging design underselling the products quality and value proposition.

Pixel Ink was appointed to reverse this and breathe new life into the brand.

We used strategy, design and visual language to create an impactful identity that was as strong as … well, a Buffalo.


- Identity
- Tagline & Messaging
- Tone of Voice
- Packaging Design
- Print Management

Our strategy was focused on customers perception of quality and when it comes to paper towels, quality equates to strength and absorbency.

With this insight, a key objective was to have strength and power at the core of everything the brand represented.    

To deliver this and make the brand memorable we created an impactful brand mark using dynamic typography and prominent Buffalo illustration. The mascot together with the tagline ‘A beast of absorbency’ reinforces the brand name and message.

Another challenge in redesigning the brand was that the design of the packaging needed to have scale to translate effectively across a growing range of products.

To achieve this we used bold background colours, patterns and sub-names to create a clear tiering system between Original, Power and Ultra products together with sheet count featuring clearly on front of pack for ease of shop.

With a wide range to choose from, consistency and unity in design across all tiers was important to foster brand recognition from the everyday household user right thru to the heavy duty ‘power’ user.

The Buffalo re-brand has resulted in higher sales, listings in a wider range of retailers and enhanced brand loyalty with consumers.


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