Dunnes Stores

We were invited by Dunnes Stores to assist with increasing their market share within the household division with the introduction of a new design that would promote synergies across all non-food categories.

Our solution was to build a design system that was simple yet effective whilst immediately communicating the key messages of quality, performance & trust.


- Tone of Voice
- Brand Mapping
- Packaging Substrates
- Print Management

The household category is heavily branded with the amount of choice for consumers overwhelming to the point that it is difficult to shop. With so many products and so little time for shoppers, an important facet of the design system was to help them find the products they need quickly and without fuss.

With customers purchasing intent based on functionality our creative was based on simplicity with the background geometric patterns communicating usage, fragrance or the key attributes of the product and its purpose. Wayfinding for consumers was improved by the use of bold colours and clean typography.

With over 120 products in the household category, the structured design system allowed the range to be grouped in a logical manner.

The result helped bring a coherence to the category and position Dunnes Stores as a supermarket that offers a wide array of household solutions for modern living.


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