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With a range this big, achieving shelf presence is one thing, creating aisle presence is another thing altogether!

The key challenge was that over time, the existing range had become a mismatch of multiple sub-ranges becoming visually incoherent and confusing. This led to some products looking dated whilst others were not expressing their true quality or value.

To remedy this, we created a modern and sophisticated design system that unified the range enabling customers to pick up their favourite bread 'at a glance’.


- Tone of Voice
- Brand Mapping
- Design System
- Print Management

To develop the packaging system we focused on customers buying habits where they frequently purchased specific variants based on that bread’s unique characteristics.

This informed us to create meaningful categories within the range such as The Toasting One, The Rustic One, Healthy Grains and Soft Baked.

Categories that made real sense to real people.

We then crafted a unifying product name holding device where the typographic structure allowed the bread type, category and cut to be communicated clearly.


The use of a vibrant colour palette with background patterns allowed each variant to have its own unique look whilst still being visually part of the overall family of breads.

With such a wide variety in the range we knew that the design system had to have the flexibility to adapt to different print processes, formats and substrates.

From wax paper to film and sometimes a mix of both, the system flexed without sacrificing the essence of the design whilst maintaining a visual consistency throughout.

The success of the new design led to an uplift in sales, an effortless shopping experience for customers and continued extensions to the category.

This is Tesco bread - we are family!


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