Export Cheese Brand

Traditional Cheese Co.

Pixel Ink was asked to develop a design and identity for an expertly developed range of cheeses, targeted exclusively at global export markets.

The Traditional Cheese Co. wanted the look and feel to be unmistakably Irish with an authentic tone of voice that appealed to a diverse foreign audience ranging from North America to Asia and everywhere in-between!


- Range identity
- Packaging design
- Illustration
- Print management

In answering the brief, we based our design thinking and solution on being recognisably Irish, instantly, but in any language - a visual language, understood by all.

We achieved this by incorporating the familiar icon of a Celtic band symbol coupled with classic Irish typography that was then supported by a colour palette of dual rich greens.

To denote the different levels of maturity in the aged cheeses, a mix of black, silver and gold was used to bring a tone of sophistication, reflecting their premium quality and richness.

The goal was to differentiate these reserve lines as the ‘go to’ cheddars for all those discerning cheese connoisseurs looking for a more robust fuller flavour.

For the ‘Added Ingredient’ cheeses, colour and illustration was used to communicate flavour but in a wood cut style to leverage the heritage and associated traditional quality that comes from being a truly Irish artisanal product range.

Part of the design language was to feature a call out to the ‘grass rich pastures’ that are unique to the emerald isle and a key ingredient of what makes Traditional Cheese Co. so special.


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